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We are a new-age construction company in Bhopal and our motto “Bringing innovation to construction” reflects our most enduring business philosophy. The general perception about the construction business is that, it’s intensive in time, effort and headache! Our aim is to change this perception by reimagining the business altogether! Our key differentiators are our meticulous planning and technology enablement which reduces all the furrows on your forehead. To know more, please click on the relevant blocks below.

How are we different?

The following are the three key ways in which we differ from other building contractors:

• We are a one-spot-shop for your construction needs. Our multi-skilled in-house team ensures minimum dependency on outsourced petty contractors and contract labor, making us efficient and centralized. This reduces the customer’s burden of coordination with multiple agencies..

• Minimum labor dependency due to machine enabled construction.

• No surprise construction: Our CMS (Construction Management System) ensures that timelines and costs are decided during the beginning stage, so there are no surprises for the future.

Our Work Structure

• Other Contractors:

Customer --> Contractor --> Multiple Teams --> Contracted Labor

• Brick and Mortar:

Customer --> Brick and Mortar

• The presence of less layers in between make the process simple.

Our Team

•We have a multi-skilled in-house team which is regularly trained and is equipped with advanced construction equipment.

• Central control over project management due to no dependency on external agencies.


We use machines to reduce labor dependency. Till now, we have mechanized the following construction activities:

• Excavation

• Compaction

• Flooring

• Brick Work

• Plastering

• Painting

• Exterior Finishing

• Curing

• Material Handling

• And Many more.

No Surprise Construction

• Our CMS (Construction Management System) ensures that any project is a “No surprise experience” for the customer.

• In the beginning stage itself, the costs and timelines are decided after discussions with the customer.

• Weekly reports are sent to the customer which enables them to track if the actual progress is as per the planned progress.

Our Services

• Construction

• Renovation

• Interior Decoration

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Address :

Brick And Mortar Construction

2nd Floor,125, Zone-2, M.P. Nagar,Near State Bank of India.

Bhopal (M.P.)

Telephone : +91 7869964996


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